We provide a Charity service to Ghanaians.

Who We Are

As the name suggests we are a family for ALL. We play that vital role of family to the Orphans, Homeless, Needy, Aged, Students, Illiterate, children, women, Men, etc

Family for all Foundation was founded and established by Mrs. Peace Galley and Mr. Mathew Amuzu. Even though, the foundation has been operating for a long time, it was officially registered on 17th of May 2017. Our head office is located at Afariwa, off the Tema-Akosombo Highway

A critical look at the society in which we live per a thorough research conducted by Mrs. Peace Galley and strong research team of Family for All Foundation uncovered a myriad of street children who ply the streets selling all kinds of items to fend for themselves on the grounds of poor family background; single mothers who are abandoned by the very persons responsible for such situation; the sick who are struggling to get basic medical care, the aged who are battling to survive and drug addicts who are also having their fair share of the vicissitude of life. Whiles this may not be their own faults, it may be attributed to society’s unwillingness to consider their predicaments, let alone find a lasting solution to address these issues which have become the bane of the society, the world over

It is in this respect that Family for All Foundation was born to help contribute our quota towards alleviating the sufferings of the less privileged, the sick, the aged, the abandoned children, drug addicts, single mothers and to help better their lives in general. Family for all Foundation serves as a safe haven where the destitute, drug addicts, single mothers and abandoned children and sundry are all welcome to be fed, clothed, receive free medical services, receive entrepreneurship training to equip them with the requisite skills for employment and scholarship for brilliant but needy students

Our Mission

Family for All Foundation exist purposefully to restore the dignity and sanctity of life to the outcast with the ultimate aim of fully integrating them back into society as responsible citizens and also playing that vital role of family to them.

Our Vision

To be the leading non-governmental organization that prides itself in advocating for the well-being of the desolate in all regions of the nation.

Our Motto

 We are because you are!
The essence of this motto is that, as humans who have been blessed by God, the giver of life, it behoves us likewise to extend the happiness and blessing we have received from God to the destitute in our society

Meet Our Volunteers